Help Protect and Plant Trees During Earth Month

Help Heal the Planet and Save Animals with your miles!

In a special Earth Month partnership with 8 Billion Trees, your miles can now be used to help plant and protect trees throughout Lajeado Park, a now-protected area of the Amazon Cerrado ecosystem.

Join the Mission

8 Billion Trees has committed to planting up to 10,000 trees and providing protection for 100,000 trees on behalf of the Miles community. Their team has begun preparing native species tree saplings at their Gurupi Nursery for planting throughout Lajeado Park. This specific area was chosen because it contains a high density of highly-diverse native species that are facing habitat loss on a massive scale. 

Take a look at how many have been planted and protected so far!

*Last updated at 6:33PM PST on Friday, May 21st, 2021.*

“Help Protect and Plant Trees During Earth Month”

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About 8 Billion Trees

8 Billion Trees is a carbon offset project that runs large-scale tree planting operations in the Amazon to help heal the planet, restore habitats, and save endangered animals.

Redeem the 8 Billion Trees Reward

As a long-standing partner of Miles, the 8 Billion Trees reward gives the Miles community an opportunity to be impactful in the fight for cleaner air and reducing our carbon footprint. With the 8 Billion Trees reward, you can get 50% off to plant 4 trees and protect 40 (that’s only $5)! Take advantage of this reward if you haven’t already to help make a difference during Earth Month and beyond.