Support Environmental Defense Fund by Donating Your Miles

*Last updated at 5:54PM PST on Thursday, April 29th, 2021.*

“Support Environmental Defense Fund by Donating Your Miles”

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Help Protect Our Environment – Make A Difference With Your Miles

Our environments are precious, and they require strong advocacy to protect. With your help, Miles will donate $1 for every 10,000 miles donated, at a maximum donation of 7,500,000 miles. Whether you contribute 50 or 5,000 miles, every little bit helps in funding research, advocacy, and action to protect the environment.

About Environmental Defense Fund

Environmental Defense Fund or EDF is a United States-based nonprofit environmental advocacy group. The group is known for its work on issues including global warming, ecosystem restoration, oceans, and human health, and advocates using sound science, economics and law to find environmental solutions that work.