Miles and Vistaprint Support Small Businesses

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 around the world, many small businesses are facing an unprecedented economic disruption and are struggling to make ends meet. During these challenging times, Miles and Vistaprint are choosing to support small businesses through their platforms and encourage their users to do the same.

From Vistaprint’s end, the company has recently partnered with the Chamber of Commerce to provide $1M in loans to small business owners and has also published a Back to Business guide in order to provide resources on how small business owners can safely reopen. From Miles’ end, we’ve established a platform for users to do their part and help small businesses while saving money on their purchases. All users have to do is redeem rewards and offers in the app from Miles’ small business partners.

Keep reading to learn more about some of the small businesses on the Miles app and the exclusive offers they have for our users!


mintMONGOOSE is a lifestyle subscription box that believes the jewelry you wear should mean something! Helena, creator of the brand, pulls inspiration from the world around her to craft meaningful sets of jewelry for each customer. Each box contains exclusive, high-quality jewelry pieces you can’t find anywhere else, all delivered straight to your door.

With the mintMONGOOSE reward on the Miles app, users can get their first month of jewelry boxes free! People who redeem this reward can choose to customize the jewelry in their box with their choice of silver, rose gold, or gold jewelry, and earrings or no earrings.

2. Sunday

Sunday lawn care is a company on a mission to create a better way to care for your lawn. With custom soil kits and lawn plans, Sunday helps customers cultivate rich, living soil for a healthier, longer-lasting lawn.

With the Sunday reward on the Miles app, users can get $20 off their smart lawn plan and a free soil test for their lawn! After you apply it, all you need to do is hose it down with water to start seeing results.

3. Woken

Woken coffee is on a mission to bringing delicious single-serve espresso to you while doing their part to protect the environment. With their 100% compostable espresso pods compatible with Nespresso machines, customers can enjoy their daily brew while being mindful of the planet.

With the Woken reward on the Miles app, users can get a free box of coffee pods with 10 capsules of Lungo brew coffee! Lungo is a rich and strong espresso blend with a long-lasting taste that lingers.

4. Rastelli’s

Rastelli’s is a direct-to-consumer delivery service that provides fresh, high-quality meat and seafood right to your door. With options ranging from your standard meats to plant-based alternatives, Rastelli’s is a welcome option compared to your usual grocery trips.

With the Rastelli’s reward on the Miles app, users can get $35 off their next order of fresh meat! With such a simple, convenient solution, users can’t go wrong with this new source of proteins.

5. Dr. Squatch

Dr. Squatch is a soap maker that provides organic and natural homemade soap for men. Their mission is to raise the bar for the men’s grooming industry and change the way men approach their hygiene with their healthy, all natural products.

There are two Dr. Squatch rewards on the Miles app, and users can either get up to 30% off a new soap bundle or 20% off a new soap subscription! With multiple soaps and scents to choose from, you’ll be sure to find one that suits you and your body.

6. 8 Billion Trees

Offsetting carbon emissions is the main focus of 8 Billion Trees. They are an organization and network of 12 different nonprofits that work together to plant and conserve trees around the world while saving and rehabilitating hurt and displaced animals. Their goal is to rebuild forest habitats while offsetting carbon emissions to bring positive change to the planet.

With the 8 Billion Trees reward on the Miles app, users can get 50% off protecting 40 trees and planting 4 new ones! Use your miles to help do your part in protecting our planet.

7. Fabric

Fabric is a men’s personal care company that was created for everyday athletes. The company manufactures premium skin and body care products that provide your skin with the ingredients for maximum recovery and performance.

With the Fabric reward on the Miles app, users can get $10 off on the entire site for their next purchase! With refreshing products like body wash, facial moisturizer, deodorant, shave cream, and more, there will definitely be something for you!

8. Stately

Stately is a premium, stylist-curated clothing service for modern men. After signup, customers will be matched with their own personal stylist who will curate customized outfits based on their styles, fits, and preferences.

With the Stately reward on the Miles app, users can get a free pair of shoes with their next package! You’ll be looking good and feeling good in no time with a fresh new fit from Stately.

9. SkillSuccess

SkillSuccess is a leading online education provider for career development. Users can sign up on the platform for access to over 1,000 carefully curated and organized online video courses. If you ever wanted to learn any new skills in the comfort of your own home, SkillSuccess has the tools to help!

With the SkillSuccess reward on the Miles app, users can get full access to all of the website’s video courses free for the first two months! Topics include technology, business, career development, personal development, and much more.

Making A Difference Through Supporting Small Businesses

Small businesses are an integral part of our community and economy. At Miles and Vistaprint, we are always working to bring the best results and impacts to our partners to ensure that they can tackle these challenging times head-on and come out stronger than ever before. You can do your part to support small businesses by redeeming any of the rewards above (or all of them)! We appreciate your support, and our small business partners do as well. Thank you!

Don’t have the Miles app but want to support these small businesses? Download it here!