Miles Announces Growth Milestones

Momentum includes new strategic investment from Liil Ventures, 500,000 reward redemptions, and 50 new reward options.

Miles has gained notable momentum in 2020 as we continue to scale and grow. We couldn’t be more excited to announce a strategic investment from Liil Ventures and the surpassing of 500,000 reward redemptions for our brand partners. We have also added 50 new reward partners in just the last two months.

Liil Ventures is the corporate venture capital arm of Mobility ADO – one of the largest global passenger mobility companies in the world that serves 650M passengers annually and has a presence in Latin America and Europe – and focuses on growth opportunities in smart cities, urban tech, and new mobility. Their mission to maintain and improve the quality of living in densely populated urban settings aligns well with the value that Miles has to offer. Liil Ventures’ investment will support the expansion of our services across the world.

“We are thrilled to support Miles’ mission to deliver value for every mile traveled and enhance the experience across every mode of transportation. We are looking forward to helping Miles’ promising team to expand their services abroad, generating the right incentives in multiple locations. We believe that rewarding a universal behavior can generate a sustainable & positive impact on the livelihood of hundreds of millions.” – Nadim Matuk, Liil Ventures, Investment Principal

Our mission is to deliver value for every mile traveled, while rewarding greener forms of travel even further. With our ability to reward all modes of travel and transportation, users of the Miles app earn reward points as “miles” from their daily travel and commute activities and then use those “miles” to redeem exclusive rewards, participate in raffles and challenges, or donate to a good cause.

“We’re excited to have found an amazing strategic investor that believes and fits so well with the Miles vision and mission. With Liil Ventures’ support, we look forward to bringing Miles’ solution to the EU and Latin American markets.” – Jigar Shah, Miles, CEO and Co-founder

Providing value across our entire business model, we also partner with cities and transit authorities. By leveraging predictive AI and analytics available through the our platform, cities can better understand traffic patterns and trends by mode of transportation, and in turn, introduce targeted rewards to increase ridership. Our newest city partner, Jacksonville Transportation Authority, will look to incentivize the Jacksonville community to more frequently utilize public transit and services like their First Coast Flyer by rewarding loyal riders. Our city program has already proven results with other transportation agencies in invoking mode shift behavior.

Partnering with over 200 brands

List of Miles Community Favorite Rewards. Names brands such as Home Chef, Pandrora, Winc,, Postmates and more.

With the continuation of bringing more and more popular brands to the platform, the Miles community can discover new and exciting rewards each week. Despite recent economic challenges, we have added 50 new reward partners in just the last two months. Those new partner offerings, combined with enhanced reward discoverability and personalization on our platform, has prompted the Miles community to redeem over 500,000 rewards with and for our brand partners. These rewards provide special offers on products and services from great brands like Garmin, Chewy, Pandora, DoorDash, HP, and more and have saved Miles members over $10 million.

Pivoting during COVID-19

We have always been committed to the health and safety of our community. Through these difficult months, we’ve adjusted our motto and mission from “Travel, Rewarded” to “Staying Home, Rewarded” and “Social Distancing, Rewarded”. To support users and brands during this time of limited travel, we have been periodically offering promo codes of 500 bonus miles for remaining at home. We are also currently awarding 20X the bonus miles for safer travel options such as walking, running, and biking.

In addition to promoting safer travel options, we created a unique “Staying Home” category featuring reward options to help stay safe, stay fit, and stay entertained. The rewards include meal and pet food delivery, in-home exercise, cleaning products, streaming services, among others, and are priced at only 50 miles each to make them affordable for all Miles users. Miles users can also donate their “miles” to nonprofit organizations and over the past few months, donations from the Miles community led to 20,000 meals provided through Feeding America and $10,000 worth of supplies fighting COVID-19 facilitated through Good360.

To read more about our momentous milestones, take a look at our features in TechCrunch and PRWeb. If you’d like to download the Miles app, it’s available on both iOS and Android.