A Look At Travel Over Fourth of July Weekend

Fourth of July Weekend Brings Increased Travel Rates

This year, people across the US celebrated the Fourth of July holiday weekend by getting out and traveling, even in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, Americans made 6.8 billion trips in the week leading up the July 4th this year. We observed travel trends and trip counts across two of the most popular modes, car and plane, then compared it with the average daily trip counts from January, as we did in our Memorial Day Weekend Travels blog. Keep reading to to find out what we discovered!

Road Trips Are On The Rise

Throughout the month of June, car trips were consistently rising each week, with the highest number of trips peaking in the few days before the Fourth of July holiday weekend. When comparing the rate of car trips on June 1st to the peak seen on July 3rd, a 25% total increase in trips was observed. This observance is most likely the result of an increased amount of people who are getting out to enjoy the summer days, and of course Fourth of July festivities. Interestingly, on July 5th the rate of car trips saw its largest decrease since June 1st. This trend is similar to all other Sundays of the month, but drastically more noticeable on the Sunday following the Fourth of July.

People Are Catching More Flights

Although trips by plane maintained an overall decrease compared to average counts from January, we can observe a slight increase through the month in the number of trips, especially in the days leading up to the Fourth of July holiday weekend. Following this trend, we predict that the number of plane trips will continue to increase throughout July as people catch more flights and start to become more comfortable with air travel during these times.