Miles Announces Partnership with Jacksonville Transportation Authority

Jacksonville Transportation Authority Partners With Miles To Reward Their Loyal Riders While Incentivizing The Jacksonville Community To Use Greener Modes of Transport

Miles is excited to announce a new partnership with the Jacksonville Transportation Authority. Through this new partnership, JTA will have the ability to reward their loyal riders in addition to incentivizing the rest of the Jacksonville community to choose greener forms of transportation.

With Miles’ mission to deliver value for every mile traveled, while rewarding greener forms of travel even further, users of the app are able to earn miles from their daily travel and commuting activities, then use those miles to redeem exclusive rewards, participate in raffles, or donate to a good cause. Through Miles partnership with JTA, the Jacksonville community will now be eligible to participate in Miles challenges for an opportunity to earn special rewards.

“At Miles, our vision is to deliver value for every mile traveled no matter how you get there while we award more sustainable forms of travel even further. Together with Jacksonville Transportation Authority, we’re excited to help incentivize greener travel and reach their goals to encourage ridership through rewards and challenges.” – Paresh Jain, Co-Founder of Miles

The special challenges that will be available to the JTA community provide loyal transit riders the opportunity to receive rewards such as Amazon gift cards. These challenges can last for as little as a week and up to one month. JTA riders can participate by riding across the JTA fleet of buses for a specific number of times within a given time frame. Some examples of challenges are 1-trip and 3-trips, meaning loyal riders could earn a gift card by simply using the bus to commute to work or go to the grocery store.

You can learn more about this new partnership from JTA’s press release. If you live in the Jacksonville community and would like the opportunity to participate in Jacksonville Transportation Authority challenges and get rewarded for all your travel, you can download the Miles app here.