Social Distancing, Rewarded.

The picture portrays three different scenes in one. One scene shoes a man walking his dog with 10x slashed through above his head. Another scene shows a woman running in the park with 10x slashed through above her head. The third scene shows a woman riding her bicycle with groceries in the basket with 5x slashed through above her head.

Earn 20x the miles while staying safe

At Miles, we want to have a lasting impact and be there for our users, partners, and the entire ecosystem, but more importantly do our part for the world. For those reasons, we want to encourage, support, and reward our community for their efforts to social distance and for utilizing safer travel options. Whether you’re out walking the dog, enjoying a solo hike, riding your bike to the grocery store, or taking a jog through your neighborhood, Miles will now further reward all those behaviors by awarding 20x the miles as you practice social distancing. There are a lot of ways we can still get out and enjoy earning miles while keeping a safe, 6-foot distance from others.

Why social distance?

During this ongoing pandemic, we should be practicing social distancing and avoiding public places where close contact with others is likely to occur. As people all over the world adhere to these social distancing rules and travel restrictions, our daily commutes and travel adventures become limited to only essential trips. And as the world’s travel habits change, so are we. That’s why we’ve taken big steps in how we approach and incentivize the way Miles’ members social distance while they travel.

This is only the beginning

Stay tuned for more exciting ways in which you can earn miles for staying safe and social distancing, but still be able to get your share of the reward. We’re here to support you during this challenging time and are grateful to have you as part of the Miles community.

Want to get rewarded for social distancing but don’t have the Miles app? Download it here!