Meet Miles’ Green and Sustainable Reward Partners!

Hands holding dirt with a sprouting plant.

Partnering with brands that care about our planet

Happy Earth Day! At Miles, it’s important to us to encourage green travel because of the positive effects it has on our earth, such as reducing carbon emissions and our carbon footprint. We value building relationships with like-minded brands and wanted to highlight a handful of them for their efforts. So, here are 10 of our reward partners who share our love for planet Earth.

1. 8 Billion Trees

Field of trees that looks like lungs.

8 Billion Trees carries out large-scale tree planting and tree conservation operations to fuel positive environmental change and defend habitats for animals. Through Miles, you can redeem the 8 Billion Trees reward to help plant two trees and conserve twenty.

2. OhmConnect

Pink piggy bank with light bulbs floating above it

OhmConnect helps you use energy when it’s cleanest and reward you to save when it’s dirty. Through Miles, you can redeem the OhmConnect reward for a free $5 credit.

3. Pistol Lake

Man laughing with green hills and sunlight in the background

Pistol Lake is a clothing company that uses Eudae, a performance fabric made from recycled water bottles and eucalyptus, for all of their clothing’s fabrics. Through Miles, you can redeem the Pistol Lake reward for exclusive savings on your purchase.

4. Thrive Market

Variety of organic and healthy pantry food from Thrive Market

Thrive Market believes the products we put on our bodies and in our homes should be: nontoxic, eco-friendly, affordable, and effective – Which is exactly the type of products they provide. Through Miles, you can redeem the Thrive Market reward for a free 2 month trial + 25% off your first order!

5. Wild Alaskan

Fish tacos on a yellow plate and a fillet of salmon

Wild Alaskan delivers sustainably-sourced seafood right to your doorstep. Through Miles, you can redeem the Wild Alaskan reward for $35 off your first order!

6. Garmin

Three Garmin fitness trackers and smartwatches

Garmin‘s line of fitness trackers and smartwatches helps you track your activity and move a little more each day. Through Miles, you can redeem the Garmin reward for exclusive savings on your next Garmin fitness tracker or smartwatch.

7. Molekule

Woman sitting down reading magazine enjoying the fresh air from her Molekule air purifier

Molekule has acclaimed, award-winning air purifying technology that destroys the widest range of pollutants including viruses and VOCs. Through Miles, you can redeem the Molekule reward to save $100 on your purchase of a Molekule Air Purifier!

8. Frank and Oak

clothing hanging from tree branch

Frank and Oak has adopted ethical business practices across their company in order to minimize their environmental impact and preserve the future of our planet. They pride themselves in using no virgin plastic or polyester among other green initiatives. Through Miles, you can redeem the Frank and Oak reward to save $35 on your first box!

9. Alala

Women is different athletic clothing huddled closely together

Alala is a luxury women’s activewear brand that focuses its operations around reducing waster and renewable energy. Through Miles, you can redeem the Alala reward for $50 off your purchase or free shipping!


Variety of plants with a blue wall background offers a large variety of plants to help bring life to your home and garden, including air purifying plants! Through Miles, you can redeem the reward for special savings on your next order.

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