Introducing Miles 2.0

Two phones that are displaying screenshots of the updated Miles app

Introducing a fresh new look of the Miles app! We call it Miles 2.0… Providing you with the best visual experience throughout our app. We’ve added new icons, colors and infographics to uplift your experience discovering rewards, redeeming your earned miles, and much more.

Q&A with the Miles Design Team

The Miles Design Team worked extremely hard to bring Miles 2.0, or as they call it – “Miles 2.0 Experience”, to life. Rather than making a list of all that has changed, we decided to hold a Q&A with them to provide transparency directly from the creators themselves. So here we go!

Q: What is “Miles 2.0 Experience” and what is its purpose?

A: “Miles 2.0 Experience is a project which was created and executed by the design team. The goal of this project was to bring one consistent visual experience to the user across all tabs and features of the Miles app. In this new design system, we expanded our color library, introduced a new style of illustration, and updated our icons.”

Q: Did the Miles green change? Why?

A: “Yes, the Miles green was changed to a more vibrant green color called “10AF42″. This decision came after experimenting with the old green color through various usability and scalability tests and finding that it only worked well on lighter backgrounds. After this discovery, we realized we wanted something that would stand out on both lighter and darker backgrounds. This change was intended to bring delight and surprise to the user and ensure that Miles has a defined brand personality that stands out from our competitors.”

A comparison between the shades of green used in Miles 1.0 and Miles 2.0 The primary Miles 2.0 green color is #10AF42.

Q: Did any icons change? Which ones and why?

A: “Most of the icons in the Miles app changed. Here is a breakdown of what was updated throughout the app:
– Home & Account Pages: For these pages, we updated all of the icons to align with the new design style. Icons that were updated include the “trending now” icons, the redemption icon, and all of the account icons.
– Trips Page: We updated all the mode icons and colors, as well as the details icon. We wanted to ensure that the icons were consistent with what can be seen on the rewards page. When changing the appearance of the mode icons, we used a white circle with a colored icon overlay to make the page look cleaner.
– Rewards Page: We updated all of the category icons, the infographics in blank state, and other small icons (information, view all, etc). We implemented these changes to have a consistent look and style. For example, the category icons and infographics now have grey and blue as primary colors and yellow for the secondary color. This was done to reduce monotone colors and introduce a fun feeling when using Miles app.
– Refer a Friend Page: For this page, the biggest change was the visual illustration style of the header infographic. This was done to ensure the style was consistent with the other pages.
– Page Tabs: The tab icons for each page were updated from the non-line style to be line + color + little details on it which helps pull everything together and make the app experience fully aligned.”

A comparison between Miles 1.0 icons and Miles 2.0 icons.

Q: What do you consider the biggest change in the release of “Miles 2.0 Experience”?

A: “The biggest change was the application of design consistency. Now that every page has updated icons, infographics and colors, we hope this provides delight and a better visual experience for Miles app users.”

Q: As a designer, what does the Miles brand mean to you?

A: “Miles as a brand means sustainability, mobility, and a rewarding experience. But to us, it’s much more than just a brand. Miles is a home where we can grow, learn, and develop ourselves from being just a “designer” to something much more. We’re grateful to work here and be a part of this family. Miles gives us the opportunity to express our ideas and creativity, and then turn it into reality. All the ideas that we’ve proposed have been welcomed with a warm heart, it really feels just like home! We’ve learned the importance of connecting with everyone from the different teams which teaches us new things everyday.”

With all of these great design updates, it’s easy to see how big of a difference design consistency can have on one’s visual experience. To help celebrate the release of Miles 2.0, we’re offering 200 bonus miles when you enter the promo code “NEWMILES“. Hurry though! This code expires on 2/29/2020.