Get Miles with Getaround

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Guest post written by: Greta Raunder, Getaround

Most people’s transportation options aren’t equipped to handle all of life’s grand plans. Sometimes you need to head up the mountain, show up in style, or haul a lot of cargo and it’s hard to find the Swiss-Army-knife vehicle that can do it all. But Miles users can rent and drive vehicles perfectly paired to their ever-changing needs and earn miles with convenient peer-to-peer carsharing on Getaround. Age-old wisdom suggests that getting there is half the fun, but with Getaround every journey can be jolly.

With Miles delivering value for every mile traveled, and Getaround enabling users to travel millions of miles every year with flexible car rentals—it’s a match made in mileage heaven. On Getaround you can instantly rent nearby cars by the hour, day, or week and unlock them all with your phone. Even better, there’s no membership fees and insurance and roadside assistance are included on every trip.

Miles users can earn miles with Getaround when they drive, or redeem miles for discounts on flexible rental cars. Here’s a few of ways to maximize your value when you’re on the go:


Friends or family in town? Pick ‘em all up and accrue miles when you go on a driving tour of town or carpool to all the local areas of attraction. It’s nice to know you’re earning miles while you show your guests a great time. Rent a compact vehicle if you’re heading into the city where parking is scarce, or unlock a minivan or SUV to load up all your crew and enjoy the precious quality time together.

Shopping & Errands

Get on the go quickly with Getaround and rent nearby cars for an hour for a quick trip to the store, or the day when you’ve got a long to-do list. Expand your grocery carrying capacity with a spacious sedan or minivan and plow through errands with ease when you’ve got the ride to get it all done.


We know Miles users love a deal, so don’t miss out on that amazing Craigslist couch just because you don’t have the means haul it home. Use Getaround to find a pickup truck or cargo van for a couple hours and pick up that beautiful piece of furniture that really ties the room together.

Three girls standing next to and sitting on a Jeep car in Yosemite National Park.

Weekend travel

Everybody’s working for the weekend, so make the most of your downtime with the ideal vehicle for your particular pastime. Grab an electric vehicle for that long road trip, an SUV when you go car camping, or a luxury convertible for a fancy spa retreat. TGIF, baby!

Driving with Uber

Enterprising individuals will advise you to stack your earnings, and Getaround is a great way for people to earn money driving with Uber without putting wear and tear on their own vehicle. Now, imagine earning money with Uber and accruing miles with Miles as you shuttle around town—now that’s easy money!

Winter driving

If you aren’t lucky enough to live in an area with perpetual sunshine and a comfortable climate, you’re familiar with the many travel inconveniences of seasonal weather patterns. Don’t push your luck in the cold rain and snow, get an all-wheel-drive vehicle through Getaround like a breeze in blizzards.

Special occasions & test drives

Most people who aren’t James Bond prefer to rent a tuxedo instead of buy one. The same rationale applies to performance and luxury vehicles. It’s nice to swing around town in style, but real life has speed bumps, gravel roads, and potholes. You don’t have to ditch your daily driver to get a taste of the good life when you can rent it for an hour or a day with Getaround.
Now you’re fully equipped to maximize your miles whenever you’re on the go with Getaround. See you on the road!