Miles Holiday Gift Guide – Gifts For Kids

Happy holidays from the Miles family!

Holiday shopping is in full swing, so we decided to make things easy by crafting a comprehensive gift guide filled with our hottest rewards. In this blog, we’ll review some of our top kid-friendly rewards that will save you money and bring joy to the youngsters in your life.

Rewards For Kids

Early Moments – Early Moments has been publishing children’s book clubs for more than 45 years, including some of America’s most prestigious brands, including Dr. Seuss™, Disney, and Baby Einstein®. Through Miles reward, you can get five books for $5 plus a free gift!

Plae – PLAE takes the fun in functional seriously. They never forget about design. They are tech-savvy and style-driven, providing kids with the perfect “play-time” shoes. Save $15 on a pair of kids shoes with Miles reward!

KiwiCo – KiwiCo was founded on the vision of inspiring kids’ creativity. They offer high quality award-winning products across four brands for young makers ranging in age from 3 to 16+. Through their reward on the Miles app, you can save 35% on your first month’s box.

Earn Miles & Claim Your Holiday Rewards

If you don’t have the Miles app already – download it now! With lots of jolly rewards to choose from, you might find yourself wondering if you have enough miles for everyone’s gifts. Our top recommendation for quickly stacking up miles is to share the love and refer your friends! Every time a friend you refer joins the Miles community and completes their first trip, you earn 1,000 miles – it’s that simple! Of course, you can always get 10X the miles for walking and running, 5X the miles for biking, or even 3X the miles while skiing! No matter how you earn miles, we hope you have fun doing it and wish you the best with your holiday shopping.