Finding Value in Your Miles – TIDAL

We are dancing with joy to announce our newest reward partner, TIDAL! TIDAL is an artist-owned global music streaming and entertainment platform that values bringing artists and fans closer together through unique original content, exclusive experiences, and unparalleled audio quality.

TIDAL offers two subscription tiers – Premium and HiFi. Premium is $9.99/month while HiFi is $19.99/month. Both plans give users access to unlimited music across multiple devices, but what makes HiFi uniquely better is the delivery of music in lossless, CD and Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) quality. TIDAL prides itself in offering HiFi streaming that delivers an uncompressed sound file, allowing you to hear every instrument and every note – just as the artist intended. Whether on the Premium or HiFi plan, all TIDAL members enjoy access to over 60 million songs, 250,000 HD videos, ticket giveaways, live streams, original artist content, and expertly curated playlists.

Here’s the best part… The TIDAL reward is now live on the Miles app! Redeem it today to get 5 months of TIDAL HiFi for only $5 (that’s 90% off). Enjoy listening to all your favorite music in high quality while earning miles during your commute to work, on your morning jog, or while on the train.