Miles Announces First Brand Challenge Partnership with Sports Basement

Need an excuse to finally go for that jog? Have an old bike collecting dust in storage? Or do you just want to earn some value for your daily exercise? Regardless of what your motivation might be, Miles has a fantastic challenge for you! For the rest of this month in the San Francisco Bay Area, Miles is announcing its first ever brand challenge in partnership with Sports Basement to celebrate their 21st anniversary. By completing the challenge, users have the chance to obtain a unique code towards any purchase at Sports Basement, in-store or online.

To complete the challenge and unlock the code, all users have to do is take any 2 trips of walk, run, or bike. A qualifying trip is any of those trips that exceeds 0.5 miles. Take the time to log some green trips on the Miles app and earn yourself a special offer to save on your entire purchase at any Sports Basement location. You can shop online and get this special offer as well. The challenge will be live for the rest of November, and you can find it on the Miles app now!

In partnering with Sports Basement, we hope to encourage Miles users to engage with and actively choose healthier, greener modes of transportation. We believe everyone can incorporate more eco-friendly travel options in their lives and become more health-conscious while they’re at it. Sports Basement is helping us accomplish this goal through their new brand challenge, and we are extremely excited to see the impact this will have on the Miles community. Happy earning!

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