Behind Every Mile Earned – Dhawal

At Miles, our team members are the key players that help you get rewarded for all your travel. Without them, Miles would not be where it is today, and we want to take the time to highlight the fantastic work that they do while putting a familiar face to the app that you guys know and love.

Meet Dhawal, our very first software engineer at Miles!

What were you doing before you came to Miles? What brought you here?

“I was an intern in Athoc – a subsidiary of Blackberry, while graduating in Software Engineering from San Jose State University. The idea of Miles itself [brought me here]!! My passion has always been to build solutions that help solve a problem. An initial coffee shop discussion with the CEO and the co-founder highly drove my passion to build this unique product that helps benefit end users.”

Tell us about your role at Miles. What do you do?

“Starting as the first software engineer at Miles, I got opportunities to work at all the stacks of the Miles app. I am responsible for building several fascinating features like rewards, trip challenges, Refer-a-Friend, milebank, etc. Additionally, I have worked on building the Miles website ( and other web portals. I have had hands-on experience starting from ​design planning to creating the system design, implementation, testing, and deployment. I have also built scalable Rest APIs in micro-service based applications using dockers that return real time data to the iOS and Android apps.”

What do you love most about working at Miles?

“Having been at Miles right from the start, I absolutely love the energy, problem solving approach, and productivity that we bring together as a team. Miles is like a free space and the culture is built for us to be able to think out of the box, critically challenge ourselves, and innovate. The thing I love the most is to be able to be a part of this amazing journey of seeing our ideas and product grow from scratch.”

What do you have to say to our loyal users?

“Thank you for being a part of Miles! This app has a great potential and benefits for the user. We are working to serve you with fascinating new features, promotions, and rewards, so stay tuned.”

What are your interests/hobbies? What do you like to do in your free time?

“I love sports and am quite an active person [when away from my desk :p]. I enjoy a good hike around the bay or having a chill day by the coast. Being a social person, I try to find time to build my network with similar minds and try to learn new updates.”

If you could only use one mode of transportation for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

“Well, with future tech advancements, it would have to be a mini airplane 😉 but in today’s time, I would opt for public transit like trains/buses. I come from a place where the entire city is well connected by transit services and I have been traveling in trains for most of my commute since I was 12.”

What’s your next travel destination?

“To the Moon with SpaceMiles :-)”