Finding Value in Your Miles – Gig Car Share

We are happy to announce that Gig Car Share will be joining the Miles app as a reward partner! Gig is a platform that makes the car sharing scene as easy and seamless as possible. They currently have designated areas of operation, known as HomeZones, in the Bay Area and in Sacramento where users can pick up a hybrid or all-electric Gig for use whenever with just their smartphones. Gig has no membership fees and also covers gas/charging, insurance, and HomeZone parking. When it’s time to pay, they base their pricing around three rates – by the mile, hour, or day – and charge at the lowest one!

Besides their ease of use, another thing we love about Gig is their commitment to reducing environmental footprints. In addition to the green impact that their hybrid and all-electric vehicles make, Gig also helps promote public transit usage! The company gives unprecedented flexibility to its users. Now, people don’t have to drive their cars everyday just because they might need them for unexpected situations. Instead, they can take public transit regularly – receiving bonus miles from the Miles app and saving them both money and time – and if users do need a car for something, they can instantly grab a Gig car nearby!

Through their efforts, Gig is doing its part to promote green travel without taking away from the possibility of a fantastic adventure! So, the next time you need to go out, redeem the Gig Car Share reward on the Miles app and reward yourself with a fun-filled trip in a hybrid or all-electric Gig car!

The Gig Car Share Reward is currently only available in the Sacramento Area.