Miles Launches New Green Travel Partnership with Pierce Transit

Miles Continues to Expand Its Partnerships With Cities and Public Transit Agencies – Providing Rewards In Return for Greener Travel Choices

As we near the end of 2019, one constant that seems to never go away in our daily lives is traffic congestion. Whether it’s early in the morning or at the end of the day, the roads seem to always be filled with slow-moving, single-occupancy vehicles.

In an effort to combat this traffic congestion, public transportation agencies all over the nation have worked hard to encourage people to choose alternate modes of transportation instead. Earlier this year, Miles announced its yearlong pilot with SamTrans and Caltrain to push for this very cause. Today, in its mission to continue to ease traffic congestion and incentivize greener travel, Miles is happy to announce its new partnership with Pierce Transit, a leader in the public transportation industry. Pierce Transit serves Pierce County, Washington’s second-largest county and provides three types of service: Fixed Route, SHUTTLE paratransit, and Vanpools for its riders.

Some of Pierce Transit’s core goals include encouraging riders to pick sustainable, eco-friendly modes of transportation and, in turn, easing car traffic on the roads and throughout the county. These goals heavily align with Miles vision of a greener travel ecosystem, and the company is beyond excited to launch this new partnership. In order to achieve these goals, Pierce Transit will hold a series of special public transit challenges to earn additional rewards, such as Starbucks or Amazon gift cards, through the Miles app. For example, in order to increase the number of new riders throughout the county, eligible riders will be able to redeem a special reward for simply taking public transit. With these challenges, Miles and Pierce Transit hope to encourage people who have not taken public transportation before to give it a try. Perhaps many will find that taking transit would actually be more convenient for their daily commute than driving.

“Miles will help us attract and reward riders who have ever increasing transportation choices in Pierce County.”

Sue Dreier, CEO of Pierce Transit

On its own, the Miles app also rewards all its users for their transportation, especially if they choose greener alternatives. As opposed to earning mile for mile for single-occupancy vehicle driving, Miles users who choose to ride public transit, bike, and walk/run earn 3x, 5x, and 10x bonus miles respectively. These miles can then in turn be used to redeem exclusive rewards with any of the company’s business partners, including Walgreens, Postmates, Vudu, and more. As an up-and-coming universal rewards program, Miles is the only app that rewards users for all forms of transportation while working seamlessly in the background. The app automatically identifies the mode of transportation being used and keeps a log of trips made for users to view, along with the number of miles earned for each trip. Perhaps most importantly, Miles keeps users’ information completely private and never shares it with any 3rd party.

Although the Miles platform provides many benefits for local commuters, it also provides valuable insights for its city and transit partners. In today’s world, data is a powerful tool that can guide significant decision-making situations. With the Miles analytic dashboard, transit authorities will be able to look at aggregate travel patterns in order to assist in their city and transit planning for the future.

Although traffic congestion seems to be unavoidable in today’s world, the transit challenges launched by Miles and Pierce Transit work to slowly alleviate the traffic burden. Public transportation provides riders an opportunity to personally tackle this issue in their cities and counties, and with the launch of this new partnership, Miles hopes to encourage riders throughout Pierce County to capitalize on this opportunity and take the Washington roads back.